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SPCCND Communiques & Info Notes


Provincial Budget Response 2016

On February 25th, the Ontario government released the 2016 Budget entitled, "Jobs for Today and Tomorrow". This budget is the product of open and extensive pre-budget consultations. It represents the government's commitment to leading the way in growth and job creation. The budget proposes many innovative initiatives in planning for the Province's future prosperity. Click here to continue reading.


Federal Budget Response 2016

On March 22nd, the Federal Government announced the 2016 Budget, entitled Growing the Middle Class. This budget recognizes that more needs to be done to keep up with the increasing cost of living. It aims to restore hope by growing the economy, investing in children and youth, public transit, clean energy and housing. Click here to continue reading.



Provincial Budget Response 2015


On April 23rd, the Ontario government released the 2015 budget entitled, "Building Ontario Up." The budget is geared at honouring the government’s commitment to balancing the budget by 2017-18 without cutting programs or increasing taxes. As such, the budget maintains the status quo to address issues of poverty, housing and improving the quality of life across Ontario. Click here to continue reading.

Federal Budget Response 2015


On April 21st, the Federal Government announced the 2015 budget, entitled

Strong Leadership: A Balanced-Budget, Low-Tax Plan For Jobs, Growth And Security. This budget is being promoted as balanced, fiscally responsible and making life easier for families. Despite this description, the budget has been characterized as ‘an election budget,’ where short term gains mask long term instability. Click here to continue reading.

Renters Rights and Responsibilities


The goal of this Info Note is to increase housing stability by informing renters and landlords about their legal obligations to one another. In Ontario, both renters and landlords have legal rights and responsibilities under the Human Rights Code, the Residential Tenancies Act, or the Co-operative Corporations Act. This Info Notes provides information related to these laws. Click here to continue reading.

Minimum Wage Info Note


Across Ontario communities are joining together to call on the provincial government to raise the minimum wage. The government has launched a panel to study the issue and its report is expected shortly. The goal of this Info Note is to provide relevant and accessible information to members of our community who wish to participate in the province’s ongoing discussions on the minimum wage. Click here to continue reading.

Discretionary Benefits Info Note


Under the Ontario Works Act, the Region of Waterloo has the discretion to provide certain health and non-health related benefits to people receiving OW and ODSP1. These benefits are cost shared between the Province of Ontario and the Region of Waterloo. Click here to continue reading.

Poverty Reduction Strategy


In December 2008, the Ontario Government announced a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy titled, “Breaking the Cycle.” The strategy was unanimously supported by the legislature and enshrined into law under the Poverty Reduction Act in May 2009. The Act outlined a process for renewing the strategy every five years. Click here to continue reading.


Only the most recent Communiques and Info Notes are posted on the site. Please email us at if you are interested in older reports.